What is life coaching?

Life coaching is simply the process of the coach helping people to find their own pathway to achieve goals in their personal or professional life. They do not have the answers to anyone’s life or life problems. They do have the skills and questions to assist the client in finding the answers.  A coach will work with a client on a one-to-one basis either via phone/Skype or in person to help see things from a different perspective, or to find the internal strength that is there all along but may have become buried over time.

A good coach will utilise a range of techniques and tools that will help transition the client from their current position (or status) to become the person that they see in their own future.

Is life coaching therapy, mentoring or counselling?

Put simply, coaching is… coaching. It is not therapy. Nor is it counselling or mentoring. It focuses on the here and now, with a view to transition to the future. A coach will help find the pathway for a client to find their own solutions from within themselves, using their own resources.

A coach believe that you know the answers to your own life. Sometimes you just need to have the right questions asked to guide you there.

What is the average number of coaching sessions I would need?

Most people find that 6 sessions work well for them to uncover what they need and gain traction in their life ambition.  That said, you may feel that less sessions work for you, or you might be better suited for more than 6.  Sometimes the original goals or results that a clients says change to completely different ones after a chance to talk to a coach and really clarify what they are seeking.

How do I decide which coach?

We (Warren and Helen) are both comfortable, competent and enjoy coaching people from all walks of life. We both have our niche areas that we have particular experiences in (see our bios); and also as coaches are more than capable to cross over in areas and coach people who are experts in their own fields that we are not. Remember, a life coach does not need to be an expert in where the client is coming from. A coach assumes the client is perfectly capable and has the resources in them to work out the answers they are looking for. A coach asks the rights questions and supports and guides them to find the answers they are seeking.

We are happy to chat over the phone with no obligations at all to learn more about each other.

The beauty is, you can stop any time.  With Part 3 there are NO lock in contracts.

How much does coaching cost?

Depending on what package you choose, the cost will vary.  It would be rare to have just one session as it usually takes a few sessions to work out the true goal or goals. We offer package programs to get the best value for your money and time. We can also do individual packages after discussing a client’s needs. See our Coaching Services page for packages.

If you would like to continue coaching after completing a coaching program, then we can negotiate a monthly rate from that point.

How much do I need to tell a life coach?

You will get the most benefit from coaching through total honesty in regards your feelings.  We will ask you specific questions and honest answers will help you achieve the greatest results in the shortest time.

We will not judge your responses, and your answers will be treated with utmost confidentiality at all times.

During a coaching session we ask that you be as vulnerable and open as possible, with no fear, guilt or shame.

Of course, we will not force you to divulge anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Will my information be private?

Your details, information and session responses are completely private.

Coaching is 100% confidential (both ways!)

Will I need to do life coaching again in my life?

Part 3 is there for you when you need us.  We will work with you for as long as you feel you need us.  Once you have achieved the goals that you set initially, you may want a regular ‘check up’ call to help keep you on track or to help keep you motivated.

We also understand that your personal goals can change over time.  We will teach you some techniques and give you some tools to help yourself in future, but we will always be available for you if you feel like help.

Does a life coach tell me what to do in my life?

The short answer is NO.

A coach does not need to be an expert in any area that a client wants to talk about or be coached on. Their job is to listen and ask appropriate questions to help you come up with the right answers.  We work for you, as the wind beneath your wings and to empower you to find the best pathway for yourself.

We are not mentors nor therapists – both of whom will offer suggested pathways.

We believe that you have the power internally to be your own best healer, and Part 3 will allow that power to become a force for progression in your own life.