About us

What we do

As Part 3 coaches we will help you realise the future YOU.  We will help you plan your journey and then be there with you at every step to help you illuminate your pathway and shine a light on your future (you know, the one you really really want). We will help you to identify your goals and targets, then take the right sized steps to build the future you, in your own timeline, by your own power.

We will work with you to help you:

  • Empower your life
  • Identify your goals
  • Create and follow your tailored plan
  • Unlock the path to success and keep you on track
  • Get you where you want to go, faster!

As your coach we adapt, engage and work with you in whatever your style of learning is to get the most from your true potential. This may involve being gentle, or when need be, for the benefit of you, it may mean being firm. We may make you laugh, make you cry (sometimes we may too), to help you truly see, understand and know your own internal drivers. You will benefit from our flexible style, underpinned by unwavering belief that you are your own best healer and most powerful tool.  

Why partner with PART 3?

  • We recommend you start with a FREE 20-30 minute meet up session by phone or Skype to talk over what it is you want to get out of your coaching sessions, and to make sure we are a fit for you.
  • PART 3 offers coaching sessions face to face, by telephone or by Skype. Whatever is the most convenient or comfortable for you. Phone/Skype sessions are just as successful and productive as face-to-face meetings.
  • Email and text are encouraged to keep in contact between coaching sessions.
  • Confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.
  • Coaching programs are personally tailored for you. We do coaching packages to suit your needs. We’re all individuals and understand that sometime you want a little, and sometimes you want a lot.

What can I expect from Part 3?

When you plan a journey with Part 3 we will help you start where you are, right now.  Right now is the best place to start.  Just like a GPS we will not ask where you were three, five or ten years ago. Like a GPS we aim forward in the direction where you want to go now.

The path you choose to reach the future you will require action.  You need to act, to do things, to take steps forward.

We will help you to plan and achieve your goals, working along side you and providing as much support or guidance as you need.

Meet the team

Warren and Helen have been coaching, mentoring and training people as part of their corporate and health & wellness professional lives. We both love coaching and helping people get those “ahah” moments when a client finds their own light, allowing them to move on with goals, targets and have clarity around the great life they want and deserve. Read our bios to find out which one of us resonates with you. There is no right or wrong choice of who is best to coach you. We are also more than happy to have a no obligation chat to get to know us better individually.

Warren Ratliff

Part 3 Partner, Work-Life Personal & Results Coach

Warren can help you transition within your business life to achieve results and succeed in achieving a work-life balance.  Small business owners can grow within themselves and develop the business to increase profit, improve productivity and streamline processes to provide an easier lifestyle for you – the owner or manager.  Through several years working as a business broker and SME consultant, Warren assisted over 50 businesses and their owners both professionally and personally to achieve business growth AND personal development.

Warren hails from Sydney, NSW, and completed business studies in accounting whilst working in the banking industry. He then worked within a family oriented business, developing strong understanding of the energies of small business and the drivers and challenges faced by small business operators.

Through his career he studied and practiced a wide range of business dynamics including operations, accounting, management, workplace training, safety and eventually life coaching. He has owned or managed several business ventures over several years in Sydney. Skilled in business management, workplace safety, environmental management and workplace training he has most recently become an accredited results coach under Benjamin J Harvey at Authentic Education.

If you are looking for support to help transition your business from ‘just sustaining’ to profit, whilst improving your lifestyle AND achieving personal goals, then contact Warren today for a confidential chat.

Email Warren directly at: warren@part3.com.au.

Helen Ratliff

Part 3 Partner, Transition, Life & Wellness Coach

Helen is a registered nurse and her extensive experience in the healthcare setting has been in Australia and internationally. This includes five years in the Royal Australian Airforce, achieving the rank of Flight Lieutenant in the medical area whilst assisting the injured across Australia and overseas.

From nursing in acute care hospital settings (both public and private), being involved  in nurse education, working as a practice nurse for a surgeon and participating in clinical research and welfare work, Helen’s broad life and professional skills make her an ideal life coach.

She has also formally studied life coaching, NLP and has a health & wellness coaching certification.

Helen’s life experiences, compassion and belief in others provide the personal tools that, when combined with her life coaching, health & wellness and NLP training, offer you, her client, a unique opportunity for a trusted and meaningful coaching experience.

Email Helen directly at: helen@part3.com.au.